The I Clivi winery - founded in 1996 - boasts 12 hectares worth of vineyards, divided into two different plots, one located in the Collio Goriziano and the other in the Colli Orientali del Friuli. Here, Ferdinando and Mario Zanusso, father and son, custodians of quality, have always let history speak through wine, making it as "transparent" as possible. From their uncompromising passion, in recent years, wines with a unique and recognizable personality have been born, originating from ancient native vines and, just to pay further tribute to a territory historically dedicated to excellence; the ViniVerso line was recently created. The latter brings elegant and fragrant wines to the table, perfect interpreters of the best Friulian tradition and top quality regional viticulture. ViniVerso wines come from the best vineyard areas of the Friuli plain - already mapped at the time of Queen Maria Theresa of Austria -, positively influenced by the particular conformation of the soils and by the influence of the nearby Adriatic; these are pure wines, in which ribolla gialla, sauvignon, chardonnay, pinot gris and cabernet sauvignon fully express themselves. The ViniVerso line is also meant to be a shared project; the merit, in fact, also goes to the collaboration with local winemakers, custodians of precious knowledge.