Liqueur is a drink composed of alcohol, sugar and water, flavored with plant-based ingredients and extracts. In our online wine shop you'll find liqueurs and amaros of all kinds, to satisfy even the most refined tastes. Based on the preparation technique, liqueurs are divided into spirits, infusions and essences. The spirits are obtained by distillation of macerated ingredients, resulting in a clearer color. Infusions, on the other hand, are the result of the maceration of plant substances and compounds in alcohol, in such a way as to release aromas and active ingredients into the solution. As for the essences, the procedure consists in mixing the alcoholic solution with the essential oils of the plants. Amaro is a very popular liqueur, especially in Italy, and can be created by distillation, infusion or the simple addition of flavourings. The reason for their success is their eupeptic function, i.e. digestive, which generally increases as the alcohol content increases. Discover our wide selection of Italian liqueurs and Amaros such as Mirto, Amaro Lucano, Limoncello, Amaretto, Nocino or other from around the world, like Curaçao, Licor de Cachaça, Jägermeister.

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