Château Angelus

Saint-Émilion is one of the most renowned and well-known terroirs of Bordeaux and all of France.
Château Angélus, founded in 1782 by Jean de Boüard Laforest, the king's bodyguard, is now led by Hubert Boüard Laforest, direct descendant, and his cousin Jean-Bernard Grenie, supported by the help of their children, Stephanie Boüard-Rivoal, the third woman to lead the family business, and Thierry Grenié from Boüard, both representatives of the 8th generation at the head of the winery. The lands of Château Angelus are characterized by their clayey-sandy-limestone nature, and the vineyards are located in a wonderful landscape, in the heart of the appellation, a short distance from the three historic churches of Saint-Émilion. From their bells, which marked not only midday and evening but also the days and work in the fields, the name of this Château and its characteristic label took inspiration.
The vineyards boast an average age of 38 years, and are positioned in a perfect environmental context, which includes soil, exposure and microclimate. The cultivated varieties are the classic and characteristic ones of the area, and are divided into cabernet franc and merlot, with a small percentage of cabernet sauvignon; the yields are kept low, below 40 quintals, to concentrate the quality of the bunch and the unique characteristics of the varietals.
In the vineyard they work with rigor, carefully selecting the grapes and enhancing in particular the cabernet franc and its aromas, which remind of the territory and the southern coast of Saint-Émilion.
At the top of territorial production, the Château has always expressed with its wines the values ​​and philosophy of the family, that is passion, dedication, hard work and integrity, promoting territory and traditions, without ever forgetting however also innovation and technical progress.
From this approach, wines of high quality, great intensity and true to the territory are born, rich in personality and elegance, which delight the palate for their depth and balance, in a streak of always different and excellent vintages.