Few other wineries can boast such a close link with the territory as Berlucchi with Franciacorta. For over 50 years, in fact, this historic Italian brand has meant quality sparkling wine, not only in Italy but throughout the world. A story that began when Guido Berlucchi - former wine producer and at the time looking for an oenological consultant - met the young and dynamic oenologist Franco Ziliani, who together wondered: "What if we made a sparkling wine in the manner of French people? ". That is the moment when the idea was born. They took up the challenge of producing a Classic Method in Italy, near Brescia. After a few unsuccessful years, with the vintage 1961 and with the first 3 thousand bottles produced, the Franciacorta that we all know today was born. Those first labels were followed by many others: in 1962 the first "Max Rosé" was produced, the very first sparkling rosé produced in Italy, tailor made for the Milanese antique dealer Massimiliano Imbert, up to the prestigious "Cuvée Imperial". Wines, those signed Berlucchi, capable of marking the history of the entire Franciacorta appellation: sparkling wines of great depth and absolute quality. Today, in complete conversion to organic farming and managed in a totally eco-sustainable way, there are over 500 hectares of vineyards, between property and those of the contributors, from which the grapes for the production of Franciacorta Berlucchi come. Between the rows, the management is entrusted to the agronomist Diego Cortinovis, while in the cellar the signature is of the oenologist Ferdinando Dell’Aquila. With over 4 million bottles produced annually, Berlucchi is a truly valuable label, always well calibrated in every smallest nuance, designed to satisfy everyone's tastes and to meet the favors of every palate.